Smoke at Your Own Risk

I think I don’t have to explain much about cigarette smoking because needless to say, we all know that the abusive consumption of cigarette is dangerous to our health. They said that smoking is a great way to relieve our stress but other than that, cigarette smoking will bring no good to our health whether you are the one consuming it or you are the one inhaling it or most commonly referred to us as the secondhand smokers.

Unfounded Rumors

Actually there are rumors stating that cigarette smoking can cure asthma and can lessen the risk of cancer. They said that it can also improve our body’s motor performance. Oh well, I’m really not sure about those benefits and I don’t know if there are scientific explanation behind them but there’s one thing I can assure you of, no matter how many benefits that this “cigarette smoking” can bring, it definitely doubles the amount of harmful effects that you can get by consuming cigarette abusively.

Alternatives to Smoking

Cigarette Smoking may lead to addiction and that is something we should try to avoid. I know this sounds hard especially for big time smokers but if you cannot quit smoking completely, then at least try to minimize your consumption or better yet look for some great alternatives that will help you to quit smoking. The electronic cigarette is probably the most in demand smoking alternative today. They are free from harmful elements like nicotine and other cancer causing ingredients. It can provide the same smoking pleasure that any real cigarettes can offer. Aside from electronic cigarette, you might want to consider the use of hookah too. The smoke produced by hookah is much safer than the smoke produced by those commercialized tobacco and cigarettes. The device uses water to cool the smoke. Another effective alternative for smoking are those chewable nicotine which aim to help people to stop smoking and to lessen their cravings for cigarette.

As the government has been reminding us, “government smoking is dangerous to your health” so smoke at your own risk.