A New Look for My Kitchen Island cum Bar

Finally, I was able to make a little renovation to my little pad!

I had my island counter-top remodeled during the weekend. If not for my friends help, I couldn’t have accomplished this do-it-yourself renovation (thanks a lot my bffs!). Now, my island counter-top seems chic and elegant. I just need to buy some new metal stools to complement the new look.

I checked some online stores today and found this cute one from Barstools dot net. I am sure it will complement my newly renovated kitchen island cum bar. The site offers free shipping and already quite tempted to purchase four of this cute Hillsdale 32-in. Montello swivel bar stool. Actually there are other items that I like from the company’s website like the Calligaris adjustable vertigo swivel bar stool but it’s not really within my budget at the moment because the set of two costs $1,146.99. Like the rest of the other products, they come in free shipping too!

Barstools dot net offer other products, in case you’re interested to know. They have counter stools, bar stools, extra tall bar stools, outdoor bar stools and tables, pub tables and sets and commercial bar stools.

Just check out their site if you want to learn more about them.

Online Games, Anyone?

When I was younger (way much younger like my early teens), online games were unheard of. Even the internet was so amazing for everyone at that time. Nowadays, internet and online games are just so common that even children as young as 6 years old can master.

When I visit my bestfriend once in a while, I often find his young son playing online. There’s this game that he loves which if I got the name right was called “moshi monsters.” He claims that it is one of the best and coolest online games for kids. They get to adopt pets during the game. I’m not sure how that game goes but Ken, my bestfriend’s son, says he knows a lot of moshi monsters cheats – helping him level up faster.

I am not really fond of playing online games especially after getting addicted to Facebook games for quite some time. It took a while before I finally decided that enough is enough and deleted all the game applications on my profile. Now, I can say that I am totally clean of that habit.

But this game that Ken introduced to me makes me curious. Hmmm, I guess playing online once in a while will be alright as long as you know how to control yourself.

Do you agree?

Is It Just Me?

I guess time is really ticking and I need to settle down and have a family of my own soon.

Recently, I got invited for the nth time to a baby shower for a friend. Is it just me or is there some kind of baby boom lately? Just this year alone, I already attended three baby shower parties – one was of an officemate, another by a friend from college and one is of a relative! I think I’m going to start a scrapbook for all those baby shower invitations that I received sooner or later because they are already starting to pile up at home, LOL!

Well, there are times that I feel jealous whenever I see my friends who are gonna be mother to be’s but I don’t want to rush things just for the sake of having a family of my own. I still haven’t found the right man that I feel like spending the rest of my life with. I want something that’s for keeps.
Besides, my career is doing great and it has managed to keep me busy and occupied. I’m enjoying my life as a successful, independent, career woman.

My friends keep telling me that I am getting older and my uterus is not getting younger. Well, Neve Campbell is going to be a first time mom at 38. If I will follow her footsteps, I still have a few years to find my match who is gonna be the father of my child.

Alright, I know it’s not as easy as that but peer pressure, as I know it, usually applies to teenagers. I’m not like some teener who’s still looking for her own identity that will easily be swayed by that thing.

Just keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes open. Who knows, I’ll gonna meet him soon.