Devina Dediva Bashes Miss Philippines (Racist Comments)

A certain Devina DeDiva recently posted on her Facebook page racist comments about the recent winner of the Miss World pageant, Miss Philippines.

Referring to Filipinas as maids, Devina Dediva said that “they are poor, smelly from cleaning toilets and uneducated.”

She also said that “they are less privileged everywhere! M surprised one can win. What a joke those people cleaning our toilets won miss world.”

A video of her comments was taken before she deleted the post and is it now getting viral on YouTube:

Here’s a screenshot of her controversial racist bashing of Filipinas in Facebook (image credit not mine):
devina dediva miss world racist complete comments

Updates (10/01/2013 8:40 PM EST): Devina DeDiva changed her name to arabic and her Facebook username from devina.devida to juneangelica01 or you can check it out here: Devina DeDiva new FB page.

Updates (10/01/2013 11:20 PM EST): The “new” Facebook page of Devina DeDiva is now inaccessible.


  1. nooypi says

    An idiot comment from Devina DeDiva. She dont even know how to speak or even write correct English. Some of Filipinoes are maybe maid but atleast the can speak good english.

  2. Devine says

    she is not pretty and many heartaches.. full of envy and reacting this way is like an uneducated too. see yourself madam and even if you are pretty and rich you will not get the heart of the judges, your attitude is like a toilet too that even how many miles away it smells.. pity on you!

  3. Cezar Buerra says

    the girl is residing in Singapore,,, she is Indian Origin.. last seen at Shish Mahal Restaurant Singapore… she probably dont know her origin, that Indian maid dominated the so called “Maid” population all over the world and or laborer.. (no racist intended)
    Fact about her:
    She wrote her name in FB as arabic so she can concealed everything.
    She dont know how to use deodorant, take a bath every 2 to 3 days, doesnt wash her hair often as you can see in all her pictures, and trying hard to get more attention… attention seeker the most and a pubes underarm…
    for my sister, please punch her face for me, if you happen to see her… or have her face spray by acid…

  4. Rodel says

    I am so sorry (Mis) as in “mis” and not Miss (for you are misplaced on earth). If you were asked to sit beside the newly crowned Miss World 2013, I’m sure people would choose Ms. Philippines. Will you please look at you self first before giving comments and bashing others? Between you and Megan Lynne Young, it is you who look a chambermaid; toilet cleaner (as in the cleaning material); a screaming faggot; bastard; prostitute in acts and and in mind; and UNEDUCATED!!! Before you open your mouth think first if you are going to say and do something good for humanity… are you really HUMAN? You are not I believe for for you don’t have that thinking of a humane, are you? You don’t know who the Filipinos are… yes we belong to the third world countries, poor and less privilege one but we are not what you think.

    STOP being a racist . . . it doesn’t help you of being an EDUCATED person. It doesn’t take an elementary graduate to know, respect, understand, others. YOU are not the only child of our GOD.

  5. Gill says

    For someone who has a face like that, don’t think she’s entitled to make such snide remarks. A real uncultured and uneducated behavior.

  6. MiddleFingerUP says

    Hey Divina! U know what you are way more than the word UGLY compared to Ms. Philippines. Big Eyes, Big Mouth and everything.. You are more compared as the BIG BAD UGLY WOLF in Little Red Riding Hood u childish racist brat that wants to be famous..

  7. christine chiu says

    devina deviva You look like a POOP… no wonder about your comments to miss philippines, because your jelous..YOUR NOTHING COMPARED TO MEGAN YOUNG…LOSSER!!!!

  8. Grace says

    I wanna know where she resides so I can visit her here in Singapore. Now Devina you have the “attention” that you wanted. Happy? Kudos to all Filipinos! We know who we truly are and that’s what is important!

  9. moncha says

    Mess. Devina??? Oh no it is not misspelled it is really a mess for her… who do u think u r??? why did not apply for a judge?? u have a very good taste in your criticism… i think u didn’t see yourself most of your pixs in FB at all mess trying to get an attention… poor Devina poorer than Filipino i guess… can u pls try to smell yourself i bet u are more smelly that Filipino… those poor and maids people from phils who take a bath with shampoo and soap not like u have a better smell than u… I think u need to take more Paxidorm, your insomnia is so extreme and r u going crazy….. Yes maybe some are maids but more witty than U…. I think u make a reality check for yourself coz as i can see u are more easy girl than us….. Hypocrites, BULLSHIT…. and BRAINLESS… BIG EYEBALLs see yourself u can’t even match our MISS WORLD….. MISS PHILIPPINES…. sorry for u next time tell ur entry to do better …. LOSER!!! HAHAHAHAHA…..

  10. MaidinthePhilippines says

    This girl doesn’t know how to clean her toilet…the same applies to her mouth hahaha they both stink….

  11. MaidinthePhilippines says

    if you will put devina side by side with Megan Young, devina will look like Megan’s toilet cleaner hahaha

  12. Amie says

    you asshole indian girl, go and look at your disgusting looks in the mirror before you criticize others, if u are really educated, you will not do such a thing..go and flush yourself in the toilet coz there is where you belong…

  13. emskie says

    Devina…came from the root word DEVIL, an envious Bitch who like to mock ones personality specially me as one of the filipino, I am proud to be a maid and clean toilets but I have decency and respects, with out us as a maid who would u think will clean ur toilets, ur just elaborating urself!! Of who and what you are, it shows that u don’t even washed ur hair which I am willing to wash and clean u like as what I am doing to clean toilets, u need disinfectant and some acids to clean ur nasty brain! Your just Jealous and envy to us as a filipino because we are BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT !!!
    Or ur mad on us as a Filipino maybe because ur man left u for a filipina!!! Suits you!

  14. pia says

    Devina DeDiva, have you tried looking at yourself in the mirror? the one looking back at you is the UGLIEST MAMMAL in the world. You are a big shame! you are the uneducated one because educated people with manners don’t judge all the people in any country. And if Ms Philippines won the Miss World Title it’s because she is educated, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too beautiful than you are, knows how to answer the question and carries herself with so much grace, you can only feel so jealous and envious! A green-eyed monster like you will NEVER ever be in her shoes! I am sure when you saw her win the title your mouth opened and dropped because you can and never will be MISS WORLD.
    Have you also smelled yourself? Filipinos, poor as we may be in your bulging eyes, takes a bath twice a day- AT LEAST! The joke is on you DeVina. You just earn yourself the MS. RACIST TITLE. MAY YOUR TRIBE NOT INCREASE.. On the other hand, aren’t you speaking about yourself when you made those remarks against Megan Young?

  15. Christopher Johnson says

    Dear Devina Destupida

    The first thing I thought of [when I saw her comments] was the terrible job her parents did on raising her. There are people in the world who are so insecure [like her parents] that they train their children to look down on other people [as lower class]. Very secure, confident and educated people don’t need to do this at all. In a way….I feel sorry for Devina Destupida!

    Wasn’t going to post this but Scripture Says “REBUKE A FOOL, LESS THEY BE WISE IN THEIR OWN EYES (Proverbs 26:5)

    P.S. I seriously can’t believe a fat, ugly, toothless girl (with a fish hook in her nose) can ever look down upon anybody.

  16. doy says

    Calm down mga kababayan, we dont have to argue with an ignorant, idiot and uneducated lowest kind of animal like her for we are human with soul, heart and mind (she doesn’t have, except mouth full of rubbish). She insulted not only the Filipinos but all the judges, for letting our candidate won the Miss World 2013 title if she does not deserve it. Is Divina De vovo, sorry,, I mean De diva, implying that all of the judges who voted for our Miss World 2013 area tasteless, ignorant, receiving bribe or with favoritism. Please clarify Mess De vovo, ops sorry again, dediva, (I usually misspelled word if I wanted to hit someone but I can’t do it because Filipinos respect others . And at least Filipinos are clean people (for we clean even our toilet as you say, are sparkling clean for we love cleanliness in everything including our hearts and mind, not like you). Freedom of speech is not being used even by the most powerful man in the universe to insult, belittle and judge others, that’s why we have law to safeguard people’s dignity and individuality. I called you “animal” because you act like one, “wala kang utak” for publishing such comment. It is in using your freedom of speech that you let the world know what kind of animal you are. And you say all filipinos are uneducated? I challenge you Mess DeDiva don’t you have any uneducated people in your country? Yes we do have but we do have heaps of talented educated, professional people in our country and around the world competing with other races using their talents and professions, probably with higher education that you are.

  17. roby young says

    well.. accept the fact that you have beaten by a Filipina.. why done u start cleaning toilets …you might get a crown too… as if u have the qualities to be on???

  18. Rhia says

    I usually don’t write comments, but I feel a great need to do so. We Filipinos should be careful with our words too, there is definitely no need to put other races down just to get even.

    Yes Devina DeDiva is racist and what she said was not right. But we Filipinos should know better than to put down other races just because one person put down our fellow Filipina. Clearly Devina is insecure but we must be careful and not fall trapped in the works of the devil…

    Christopher Johnson: I’m a bit saddened by the fact that you quote scripture(this to me, shows that you are a Christian), yet you yourself just put down this insecure girl.

    All I am saying is we should REBUKE in a way that doesn’t allow the devil to triumph..

  19. viggy says

    that’s a horrid comment, i guess devina will work as maid in europe too. i guess she will end up working in the street- walking from one corner of the to the next- looking for clients. lol

  20. Anj says

    Many Filipinos maybe maids but the Filipino woman cleaning your toilet is probably more educated than you, Devina. Obviously you hold yourself above Filipinos but I do not see any basis as to how you would think you are above anybody, because you are not. Your character speaks of a person with low humanistic values and your grammar speak even more of a less than articulate person. You are kidding yourself if you’re thinking you’re better than Filipinos. Filipinos thrive everywhere, despite being underprivileged, they rise. That’ because Filipinos are great characters, they’re honest and capable workers. They are smart and kind, very far from the likes of you. We don’t see anything wrong with domestic work as long as it’s honest, the only setback I see is that Filipinos may have to work for the likes of you. But I doubt you even have a maid, you just look so unkempt, smelly.

    I do not understand how someone like you could say such racist comments. Get checked man, you are seriously deluded.

  21. maru says

    Devilna, you’re stupid and jealous of megan young. You’re the one that’s smelly. You need to comb your hair, clean your eyeball and there’s a booger stuck up in your nose.

  22. phillipo says

    why don’t we try to find out why is in singapore.. singaporeans are very clean people that her parents work in singapore as toilet cleaners too.. that’s why if she was born in a fllthy toilet then she knows exactly what she is talking about..filipinas, rich or poor have ‘TABU” in their bathrooms, that shows they are hygienically clean.. I bet she doesn’t have one..but look at her face… similar to a pig snout..I bet this evil will die full of envy and jealousy. any one knows her address in singapore, pls….

  23. Nerberto says

    Devilna, do you think you have the rights to judge other people. You are indian rights most of indian people here in middle east are slave and smell no good….you are one of them….bastard ashole..

  24. Amy says

    Dear fellow Filipinos, let us not go down to her very, very, very low level. We arr more sophisticated and educated than her. May God have mercy on her for such a rude and racist comment.

  25. rhea says

    Frustrated beauty queen wanna be…..a disgrace to her fellow indian and to her country as a whole….if ever i will see her here in singapore i will flush her in the toilet……

  26. Molly d says

    Had a peak on her FB account before she made it private, she graduated in Manchester University but of Indian origin, she’s currently residing in Singapore but will be starting a new job somewhere in Uk this December, I just hope our paths would not cross cos I’m telling u dear Devina Deviva il punch u in the face.really I’ve never been this excited, can’t wait to bump into u & let u taste the dose of ur own medicine. Shame for Indian people to have u as most Indian people I know r kind and humble. U r an embarrassment!! god bless u..

  27. armi says

    Hey you, you have no right to say those bad words, look at yourself first before you judge other, it just shows that you have NO MANNERS at all. It was the judges that you insulted not the beautiful, talented, smart, pretty and witty Ms Philippines. Next time if you have nothing nice to say just keep your mouth shut because in the first place you are very ugly inside and out. And oh by the way, have your eye bags clear with those dark wrinkles. you look like a squid.

  28. armi says

    P.S. you will never ever be a Miss World like Megan, not even a muse in your own town, because nobody will vote for you even your relatives.

  29. says

    Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judged others, you will be judged. I will pray to God to enlighten your mind and heart! Godbless you Devina Dediva!

  30. wut says

    Is this person supposed to be important for some reason? Or is she just one of the billions of racist people in the world? I can’t figure out why I’m supposed to care what this person thinks…

  31. Beth says

    Devina, SHAME ON YOU! You are not just DUMB but STUPID or IDIOT! Look at yourself! I’m sure you just need some attention that you can not get from your family & friends ( if you have any ????). That’s so sad. GROW-UP!

  32. Chris says

    So, ganito na pala KAIMORAL ang mga PILIPINO kung mang-alipusta ng hindi niya kapwa? Imbes na pang-unawa, PANGLALAIT at PANUNUMPA ng MASAMA? Komo kababayan, ipagtatanggol? Ganyan ang Pinoy pride, ano!!!

    Teka nga pala, Pinoy Pride = Pride(Literally) = Seven Capital Deadly Sins!

    Buti na lang, hindi ako umaastang Pinoy, dahil may good breeding ako, at pinapairal ko ang pagiging mahinahon, mabuti at mapang-unawang Katoliko. Wala namang mangyayari sa panglalait ninyo, TATAWANAN lang kayo niyan!

  33. FeistyFilipinaBeauty says

    Devina Miss LOSER!! this is my freedom of speech & messAge to you… You need to get yourself A REAL EDUCATION!!! But before that i will have to bitch slap you there in singapore.i just read the twitter string of msgs & You said, “its not about pretty.. its about status”… status? what the hell are you talking about? Its you’re rusty dusty ass that should be cleaning toilet bowls-Don’t worry theres nothing wrong with cleaning toilet bowls.. i swear you will never wear a beauty queen crown, just a trash can on your head! Start learning how to eat dog food and start learning how to pick it up with your mouth! BITCH!!



  35. Angie says

    Devina, if you think tou jave the guts to think your the best of the best, then why did you shut down your account. Did you get too much to handle? So next time THINK before you say something… And you say filipinos are uneducated. By the way your the one whos stinking up all the toilets, might want to borrow my comb too.

  36. ONION CHOPPER says

    you are a smelly onion!!…if filipinas are maids to you, then they’ll chop you to small pieces with a butcher’s knife to add them to their everyday cooking, and you should be on Guiness 2013 too! Since You’re the WORLDS BIGGEST SMELLY ONION. Don’t you know that when Filipinos sit by you on buses they complain about how you smell, or even ask themselves if you ever took a bath! hahaha I’m so SORRY that you’re so damn insecure with MS WORLD. don’t worry. you will be on Guiness soon,. hahahahaha

  37. says


  38. Ria says

    BHING CALLOWAY says: you make me laugh so hard about your comments.
    Anyway, In uTube I’ve seen a lot of nasty comments against filipino people because this man can’t accept Megan won Miss World. I personally thing that he’s another loser showing his ignorance and stupidity just like Devina.

  39. loi says

    What a shame to be one of her friend or family or relatives! I am glad I not part of her circle, ha!

  40. says

    Devina deVil…YOU just want to ride the fame of Miss World. Shame on you because you are famous of producing FAKE things, substandard product and you EMIT OBNOXIOUS ODOR since the WORLD no wonder your GENES will become Miss WORLD.coz by then, We will also call THE MISS WORLD OF BODY ODOR….hahaha…

  41. Prit S. says

    She is just making herself look like shit. I don’t get why she acted like a fucking brat. ms. philippines was indeed deserving for the crown. She is just giving a bad impression about other Indians. I am an Indain myself and I WAS BORN AND RAISED IN THE PHILIPPINES. AND HEY, I TAKE A BATH TWICE A DAY AND I DO NOT SMELL.. SO GUYS PLEASE, HINDI KAYO SI DEVINA PARA IDAMAY DITO LAHAT NG INDIANS. (at guys, wag nyo to gawin, kawawa yung mga Indian students na mga bata na ma bubully dahil dito, wala naman clang kasalanan. Binubully din ako nuong bata ako for no reason at all. Mahirap ang buhay pag ganon) I AM FROM PUNJAB. AND PUNJABI’s ESP. SIKHS TAKE A BATH FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. (well i dont know about Indians from other parts of India though. But come on. Not all Indians are the same. Stop dragging them into this.) IF THERE IS ANYONE TO BE BLAMED FOR THIS, IT IS ONLY DEVINA THE EVIL WITCH.

  42. says

    Devina deVil…YOU just want to ride the fame of Miss World. Shame on you because you are famous of producing FAKE things, substandard product and you EMIT OBNOXIOUS ODOR since the WORLD no wonder your GENES will be not the Miss WORLD.coz by then, We will also call THE MISS WORLD OF BODY ODOR….hahaha…

  43. JB says

    Hey Miss Piggy, where’s your pimp? You’ve said things as if you’re above class but you come across with very low breeding. Your mom in her “richness” must have no time for you when you were just a wee piglet that she had you suckle on different tits from different maids. Honey, what you have is what is called “I-want-my-mommy Syndrome”. You’ve probably been molested by your own filthy stepdad & uncles since your mom had no time for you. Sorry that your life have been such a brothel. You badly need professional help for thinking that your lifestyle is such a fairytale. And sorry that your very own dad dotes more on your half-sister than you & that he left your ugly mother to be with your Filipina nanny, the mother of your half-sister you hated so much for being the beautiful princess you’ll never going to be. Don’t hate Megan Young just because she reminds you of your Cinderella sister. Don’t hate on Filipinas because your real dad left your whore mother for one. And don’t hate yourself by hating on others just because you hate what you see on the mirror.

  44. Kal King says

    She’s a Predator. She’s not of this world that’s why she hates beautiful earthlings like Megan Young. She has ogly eyes of an orangutan & a scaly dry skin of a crocodile. You all know what Arnold Schwarzenegger said of such one: “You one ugly motherf*ck*r!”

  45. says

    i agree with prit… its her mistake that she said those words..
    Not all are the same…. we are not perfect .. we do mistake.. we dont control our kabayan to do the right thing at all times.. some do bad things … some do great things…
    but we cant judge a person by judging her nationality… and saying bad things about her will only give her reasons to become the victim ….

  46. Angry-with-Devila Filipina says

    Hey DEVILA DEVINA, you are certainly a crack-whore and who do you think you are, bitch? Looking at your full-body pictures make me vomit!! yuck! I wonder how many Indian men had dipped theirs in that wicked well of yours. and it must be stinky down there. You’re proud of your looks? DUH! You’re far nothing compared to Ms. Megan Young. The next time you criticize or defame anybody, not just us, think of the place where you have been. You should be subjected to acid attack just like what they’re doing in India. Anyway, you are a SHAME to your country. And hey, congratulations!! The school where you claimed you study there, guess what, they denied that they have a student named DEVINA DEDIVA.. hahaha you are such a joke and a liar Devina..

  47. ProudToBeFilipina says

    Hey Devina. You’re the rudest person I ever met in my whole life. Your words are purely from hell. Don’t you even have a heart? You didn’t even mind knowing more about us Filipinos and all our achievements. Who are you to say that? An ignorant racist who doesn’t give a damn about anyone else even got the courage to judge something or someone she doesn’t even know. Who cares if you’re rich or whatever? Whoever you are, we raise our chins to show our pride as Filipinos. We have more in us than you could ever know. You better shut your mouth because as I for me reading your stupid judgement, YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!!

  48. Princess Jasmine says

    What a contrast! Megan Young, undeniably the fairest of them all, deserving of title &crown and–who is this lifeless sh*t?! Devina DeDiva? What kind of a name is that? It’s like a name the devil would pick if ever he had an ugly spawn of a daughter. Is she Cruella Deville’s sister? Disney should come up with a new villainess and name her after this eyesore of a witch. After all, in every storybook fairytale, there’s always a wicked stepmother or an ugly sister.

  49. says

    [4/10/2013 8:14:27 PM] callalily78: are all indians racist? have u heard your fellow indian named devina what she did to all filipinos? well served her right she got lost her job. it so happened that her superior is a filipino in sg…
    [4/10/2013 8:14:57 PM] Manu : haha it is racist to say are all indian racist ?
    [4/10/2013 8:15:41 PM] Manu : racism means you tag some negative behaviour to entire race
    [4/10/2013 8:15:51 PM] Manu : so your question is racist ? dont you think ?
    ** removed from friend list on skype 🙂 by filipina maid **

  50. says

    Poor DEVINA!! You must see yourself first in the mirror before judging others. You know what? Ur the ugliest creature i’ve ever seen in my entire life. Not just the attitude you have but also your outside appearance. Who do you really think you are? The MISS WORLD??? YOU MUST NEED SOME MAJOR SURGERY IF YOU WANT UR FACE TO BE LIKE MEGAN YOUNG!!!

  51. says

    Maybe it’s true to what others say that BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN. I wonder what’s really happening inside you right now because when i saw ur pic i don’t even understand what i’m SEEING.

  52. Barako Bama says

    Devina Dediva is the shittiest, filthiest, smelliest & clingiest, hard to get rid of darker-than-a-black-mold scum in the world that no clean up personnel would want to touch. The kind of shit that would make any maid quit her job. A living nightmare at the same time a wake up call for domestic helpers to pursue bigger dreams of elevating themselves in society so they would never again deal with such unspeakable sickening horror. Even the CDC wouldn’t mess up with this undefinable disease-laden plague. No fire on this earth would be able to burn this epidemic-waiting-to-happen. Heaven knows only hellfire would get rid of her kind. Hopefully, Hell won’t puke her out. Less she repents of her ways, who knows she’ll turn out to be something bearable, better yet, she might turn up like Magdalene.

  53. pinay says

    devina.. i think you need to eat more CURRY to make ur fucken mouth shut!try to look the bloody slam area in ur fucken homeland……

  54. arabella bay says

    miss divina.. take off your 3 day old panty and smell it.. thats how your filthy mouth stinks.. and even if you graduated from manchester university.. you just learned from that prestigious sch. a spoonful of knowledge about humility.. you are a fucking bigot… i have indian boarders… sorry to say.. they are worst when it comes to cleanliness.. so why not go back to india and EDUCATED your people about cleaning toilets and their horrible ODOROUS bodies.