Doing Nothing on a Lazy Weekend

How’s your weekend so far guys? I hope that it’s been a relaxing one. My week has been so hectic at work that I just spent the weekend doing nothing at home.

Well, not really doing nothing. I spent my Saturday catching up on everyone at Facebook, surfing various websites from those breast augmentation montreal to cosmetic surgeon westmount (not really because I wanted them but I just got curious after reading about them on some showbiz online magazine), doing some rounds of blog hopping, and watching replays of my favorite shows like the grand finals of The Voice.

My plan for this day, Sunday, is to hit the mall after attending the church service. I need to have my nails done, my haircut updated and I want to have a very relaxing foot spa. A shopping spree, albeit a controlled one, will be great as well.

It is nice to be lazy and do nothing once in a while. This is the life!

My Dream Home

I recently inquired about the cost of constructing a custom home and I realized that it is cheaper to buy an existing home than to have one custom-built. Despite the cost, I am hoping to have my dream home constructed somewhere in the northwest area of Las Vegas.
Among the features that I want for my dream home are large yard, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, granite kitchen countertops with similar ones in the bath, an open floor plan layout. I would like plush carpets especially in rooms but I prefer tiles in the kitchen. A swimming pool would be nice too.

I have read about a product referred to as insulated concrete forming system that I would like to use on my dream home. With ICF, one can build reinforced concrete walls with built-in acoustical, fire and thermal protection.

Anyway, I recently saw a listing for a lot that I think is going to be a perfect spot for my dream home. It is almost 10,000 square feet big and I am already imagining my 2,500 square feet single story home in it. I am just in a dilemma because I do not know whether to buy the lot right away or apply for a construction loan first. I do not want to use up all my funds buying this lot but preparing all the stuff that will be needed for a construction loan will take some time.

Any suggestions?

The Apartment Hunt

This post brought to you by All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm so happy right now! You know why? My cousin who is currently based in Reno, Nevada will be transferring here in Las Vegas.

Debbie is my first cousin and we grew up together because we're neighbors. Their family moved to Reno in the early 2000. Now, she has a job offer here in Las Vegas and I'm so excited that we can live next to each other again. I was actually inviting her to be my roommate but she wanted to have her own place.

 photo Apts_PrfctFit_rgbjpg_zpsf00a594a.jpg

Anyway, I helped Debbie find an apartment near our place using an online site called I find this site easy to use and it provides a lot of information regarding the listings that they are providing in the results. You just need to enter the details (city, state or zip code) in their search box, hit the "Search" button and voila! you get the list of all the apartments that meet that criteria.

Among the information that the site gives are the rent amount, deposit, bed, bathroom. square footage, the availability of the unit, features, amenities and utilities included. I love that it features the floor plan of some of the units (3D or 2D) and it shows the results of your search on a map.

Are you also looking for an apartment? You can visit the site by clicking at the "visit sponsor's site" link below. You can also follow on Twitter at @aptscom. You can also download their mobile app in your iPhone, iPad or Android device so you can search on the move.

I am so excited the Debbie will be moving here to Las Vegas. Wait, I already mentioned that already, right? LOL!

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