Trading Faces by Ulta Beauty

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Can you imagine yourself having a different style of hairdo, makeup and skin routine? How would you like to trade faces with somebody whom you have not met? What do you think will happen when someone with a “Southern Charm” trades styles with “L.A. glam?”

Trading Faces Ulta Beauty

The concept above is what ULTA Beauty explored when they developed an original, unscripted film and digital branded content program called Trading Faces. A woman from Dollywood (Ashley) was paired with a woman from Hollywood (Chelsea) – two unique beauty looks that reflect two different regions of the United States. They met, bonded and then traded their typical skin, hair and makeup routines and styles.

Honestly, I am curious of how this will pan out. The personalities of these two beautiful girls are like poles apart. Chelsea describes her style as eclectic while Ashley said that her friends describe her style as grandma chic.

Trading Faces will live on, a site that includes the 4-minute film, before and after beauty looks, beauty tips and tricks from each woman, and a peek inside of their cosmetic bags to see the products they love most – available at

To see more in-depth portraits of each woman, behind-the-scenes outtakes, and extra regional content, visit ULTA’s Facebook page, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can also check out the video below:

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Give a Game-Changing Gift To Your Man This Holiday Season

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Is your man still wearing underwear? Well, I tell you, he should get rid of those and start wearing RevolutionWear now!

If you still have not heard the latest buzz, Frigo just launched a new line of men's underwear called RevolutionWear. Their patented design, The Frigo Zone, provides support with specially designed cooling barrier.

This underwear is indeed revolutionary because it features a proprietary waistband that comes with coolmax wicking fabric. It presents the Frigo Soft Lock (which is the adjustment system of The Frigo Zone) for individual or customized fit, the macro-laser cut vents to wick and evaporate moisture, and Stay4Sure Hem Stabilizers for stabilized hem and secure comfort on legs.

In this game-changing new line of underwear, Frigo has managed to merge technology, design and the best materials to come up with a comfortable and revolutionary underwear (if you can check out their website, you will find out that even famous men open up to a subject that they never talked about in the past).

If you are not convinced that this is a perfect gift for your men this holiday season then you should out this video and visit the sponsor's link below to learn more about why your man should stop wearing underwear any join the "revolution."

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Letting Your Opinion Count at Survey Roundtable

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Are there times when you complain about a product and service but you feel like your opinion falls on deaf ears? Well, you should try Survey Roundtable next time you want your voice be heard.

 photo Survey-Round-Table-logo_zps63894dfe.jpg

Survey Roundtable is an online community where you can share your opnions about various products and services – and know that these inputs and views are given importance by the companies concerned. It is free to join and the sign-up process only takes three simple steps.

Steps in Signing-up at Survey Roundtable:

The following are the steps in signing up at Survey Roundtable:

  1. Fill up the basic registration form (earns you 1,000 SRT points/$1).
  2. Click on the confirmation link that you will receive via email.
  3. Complete the personality survey (earns you 2,000 SRT points/$2).

Answering the personality survey is important because this step helps them target their surveys to the needs and interests of the members. As shown above, completing the sign-up process already earns you a total of 3,000 SRT points or $3.

SRT points are rewards which you can earn by completing surveys at Survey Roundtable. You can use these rewards to redeem virtual debit or gift cards from Jelly Belly, Fandango, CVS,, Regal Theaters, GAP Brands, The GAP,, Container Store, Banana Republic , TGI Friday's and Barnes and Noble.

Among the popular topics at this next Important Online Community are movie trailers, magazine reviews, ailments/prescription drugs, latest video games, in-home product tests, food, beverages, new business solutions, news ads and logo tests, and in-home product tests.

Why don't you give Survey Roundtable a try today and let your opinion count?

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