Are You Planning To Invest?

currencyHave you ever thought of investing your money? What investment vehicles have you heard about (or been investing in)?

You’ve probably heard of bonds, stocks and mutual funds because they are the more popular ways of investing money. Bonds are basically securities founded on debt. You buy bonds from government or entities and then they pay you interest and eventually the whole money that you initially invested on them. Stocks are, on the other hand, equities in companies. Among the ways to earn are from dividends or when the stock increases in value. Investing in mutual funds is like pooling your money with other investors wherein this fund is managed by a professional manager who picks bonds and stocks and other investments that will make up the investment portfolio.

Other methods of investing money are options, futures, foreign exchange or FOREX, gold, real estate and a lot more (I cannot enumerate them all here, of course).

Now, why do you think one should invest in gold coins (specifically American gold coins and gold eagle coins)? It is said that in times of economic instability and uncertainty, gold still remains as a valuable commodity. Its value doesn’t fluctuate as much as money’s value. For example, when the stock market crashed recently, stocks lost their value and those who invested in stocks are basically left holding an (almost) useless paper. This is not the case with gold since it still managed to keep its value. Even until now, it’s still increasing its value. Having gold among one’s investments is a good way to diversify one’s investment portfolio.

There are various companies and businessmen that sells golds and silver but you have to be cautious too when dealing with them and make sure that they are legit. Just like any investment decision, you have to do your research too in finding legit companies that sell gold and silver.

Great Southern Coins, for example, had certifications from PCGS, NGC, ANACS and ICG. They claim to be one of the leading internet coin dealers and have several auctions closing throughout the week. They had been trading on several different auction sites across the internet and pride themselves in the volume of coins they are able to offer to their customers.

Are you planning to invest? Which investment vehicle do you think is the most likely that you’ll invest in? Care to share your thoughts?

Tips on How to Be Safe from Drunk Driving


Everyone knows the damage drinking and driving can do and the life-altering impact it can have on your own future. While it unfortunately happens quite frequently, it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to. By taking the appropriate measures to begin with, you can easily avoid being involved with the issue of drinking and driving when you’re at the bars or at a party. Here are some tips to help you and anyone else on the roads safe from drunk driving.

Don’t drive

It’s as simple as just not driving. If you don’t want to get yourself into a situation where you could end up drinking and driving, leave your car at home and take a cab to wherever you’re going. This is ultimately the best way to avoid any possibility of you being involved with drinking and driving.

Drink moderately

If you’re going out for a drink and you drive there, be smart and drink moderately. By doing this, you have to commit to yourself that you’re only going to have one to two drinks at the very most. Anything beyond that can result in a dangerous situation and will leave you not only putting your own life at risk on the roads, but the lives of others as well.

Learn to intervene

If you’re mature and responsible enough to know that you would never drink and drive, that doesn’t mean your friends are. If you notice a friend or family member who may drive drunk, create a strategy to stop them. You could do this by taking their keys or even by offering them a free ride home.

Use a negative reinforcement technique

In the perfect world, no one would drink and drive. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and people drink and drive every day, despite the repercussions. If your friend refuses your offer for a free ride home and your intervention fails, don’t be afraid to throw the scare tactic card on the table. Whether you need to remind them of how many police officers are out or the accident that just happened recently due to drinking and driving, this is a way to get into their head to really drive the fact that drinking and driving is extremely dangerous.

Stay at the hotel or venue where the party is held

Say your office holiday party or fundraising event is a far drive and too expensive for a cab ride. Instead of the risk of driving drunk, look into hotel accommodations nearby the event venue. This is a great option to consider and will give you the freedom to fully enjoy yourself without having to be concerned with how you’re getting home later that evening.

Bring a designated driver

If you don’t want to be the designated driver, find someone who is willing to do it. This is not an easy job though, so don’t encourage whoever the designated driver is to have a drink or two before he or she drives you home.

Regardless of how you choose to avoid drinking and driving, make sure that you do. Not only can drinking and driving ruin your life, but your poor decision could destroy the lives of others as well. Be smart and be safe, and think before you drink.

Jessica Tanning is a freelance writer and supports efforts to end drinking and driving. With a family member who has been treated for substance abuse at Delray Recovery Center for many years, she understands how important it is to make others aware of the dangers of drinking and driving.

My 2012 Black Friday

Did you buy something last Black Friday? I was planning to buy sebago shoes but the one that I wanted was not on sale so I just bought some apparel and bags that I wanted that were being offered at a discount.

Aside from apparel and bags, I got myself a new domain name to start another blog, one-year web hosting and license to StudioPress (which were sold at a 25% off discount). I also shopped online for a tablet and upgraded my cellphone to Samsung Galaxy S III.

Oh yes, I was kinda on a shopping spree but it’s been a while since I had splurge for myself. Besides, I’ve been wanting to buy these for a while and now that these items were on sale, I might as well buy them than pay full price for it later.

Anyway, after staying at home in the morning, I went to Walmart to grab something in the afternoon. I was surprised to see that there were only a few people buying at that time. For the first time in years, I’ve seen cashiers waiting for people to fall in line instead of people lining up at the supermarket checkout. I had learned that they started their Black Friday sale at 9:00 in the evening last Thursday. That probably explains why I didn’t see anything interesting there last Friday – the good deals were all gone. LOL!