I Have a Dream: My Dream Home

I recently inquired about the cost of constructing a custom home and I realized that it is cheaper to buy an existing home than to have one custom-built. Despite the cost, I am hoping to have my dream home constructed somewhere in the northwest area of Las Vegas.

Among the features that I want for my dream home are large yard, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, granite kitchen counter-tops with similar ones in the bath, an open floor plan layout. I would like plush carpets especially in rooms but I prefer tiles in the kitchen. A swimming pool would be nice too. I probably would get the Fishers Water Softener, considering the water quality here in Las Vegas.

Anyway, I recently saw a listing for a lot that I think is going to be a perfect spot for my dream home. It is almost 10,000 square feet big and I am already imagining my 2,500 square feet single story home in it. I am just in a dilemma because I do not know whether to buy the lot right away or apply for a construction loan first. I do not want to use up all my funds buying this lot but preparing all the stuff that will be needed for a construction loan will take some time.

Any suggestions?

Equipping Professionals

Having the right tools can help medical and dental professionals as they serve patients on a daily basis. It may seem obvious that professionals need quality equipment, but some can be hesitant. Great tools can help professionals and patients.

Being Comfortable

Comfort can go a long way in life. There are times that people notice a comfortable ride when they are in a vehicle or an airplane. A chair that is not comfortable can provide people with discomfort and pain. People can tell if a seat is going to be comfortable when they immediately sit in it. Professionals who have comfortable places for people to sit can find that their patients are more relaxed and willing to lay in a still position for a long period. Fortunately, professionals can find a patient positioning system that can provide wonderful assistance for individuals of many ages. There are a number of styles from which to choose.

Efficient Work

As time progresses, technology usually improves, and this can be true for those in the medical and dental professions. New technology and equipment can save professionals time and money as they serve patients. Professionals who purchase new equipment and technology can identify problems and take care of situations quickly.

New equipment that is comfortable and saves time can be a huge benefit. Although there is a cost to quality equipment, the price can be worth the investment. Patients can tell the difference when they visit their medical or dental professional.

Having Dirty Shower Tiles Cleaned

My friend, Hannah, recently relocated to Dallas, Texas. Her company provided her with a place to stay. The place is quite accessible and is just ten to fifteen-minute drive to her office, supermarket and malls. Her only complaint is that the shower tiles looked like they have never been cleaned for years because of the dirt that accumulated in the grout.

Cleaning shower tiles is a tough job after they are left with years of wear and having no sealant. If the company provides her housing, they should at least make sure that the place is clean before asking her to move to the place. I suggested that she ask for approval for her company to get professional services for cleaning tile grout – to be charged to her company. Or if she really can’t stand the dirt, then she can pay it for her own peace of mind.

Even if she’s just new in Dallas, she won’t find it hard to find someone to do that job. Google can provide her a list of professional cleaners with just a few keyboard strokes, like the one that I found which is http://www.thesteamteam.com/. I just hope she’ll be able to solve this dilemma soon.