Time to #BugOut!

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Are you scared of bugs and insects? If you do, can you see which among the phobias listed in this article you currently have: top 10 bug phobias?

I grew up in a rural area so insects such as bees, wasps, spiders, ants, termites, moths and worms do not really scare me. Yes, they can harm us and our properties and some of these bugs are really poisonous but we can learn how to control and avoid them (like not standing on an ant hill colony and not wearing heavily scented perfumes that will attract bees).

What could probably give me a scary moment are poisonous animals like scorpions and snakes. It’s true that some spiders are deadly too but out of the over 3,000 spider species in the USA, only two types are threatening to humans: the widows (both black and brown ones shown in the image below) and the recluse spiders.

spiders bugout black brown widow

The picture of the spiders above came from a site called Orkin Ecologist. When I first visited this website, I was amazed by the myriad of informative articles that they have on their site. It is a fantastic educational resource for both experienced and newbie science lovers. I have learned that they even have scientists on their staff to ensure that they keep science at the forefront of their work.

I like the fact that they try to educate their readers on vital roles that insects play in our environment. Some may think that insects are worthless and scary but Orkin Ecologist enlightens you of the importance of these animals in maintaining the balance in our ecosystem.

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Devina Dediva Bashes Miss Philippines (Racist Comments)

A certain Devina DeDiva recently posted on her Facebook page racist comments about the recent winner of the Miss World pageant, Miss Philippines.

Referring to Filipinas as maids, Devina Dediva said that “they are poor, smelly from cleaning toilets and uneducated.”

She also said that “they are less privileged everywhere! M surprised one can win. What a joke those people cleaning our toilets won miss world.”

A video of her comments was taken before she deleted the post and is it now getting viral on YouTube:

Here’s a screenshot of her controversial racist bashing of Filipinas in Facebook (image credit not mine):
devina dediva miss world racist complete comments

Updates (10/01/2013 8:40 PM EST): Devina DeDiva changed her name to arabic and her Facebook username from devina.devida to juneangelica01 or you can check it out here: Devina DeDiva new FB page.

Updates (10/01/2013 11:20 PM EST): The “new” Facebook page of Devina DeDiva is now inaccessible.

Art Deco in Jewelries

Art Deco is the art of adding traditional artistic designs to aspects of the machine-age with a hint of early technology. It is bold and modern with a bend towards symmetrical design elements.

Art Deco was a popular style that originated in 1920’s France and then spread to the United States in the 1930s. The jewelry worn during this period was lavish and stones were accented with smaller cuts of stone. In addition, the jewelry also had very sharp angles and geometric shapes. The necklaces are equivalent to the statement necklaces that are so popular today.

As for the ring, Art Deco rings were large and ornate. They were designed to draw attention to the wealth of the wearer. They also were done in bright colors, like large emeralds or amber. All of the jewelry was surrounded by smaller cuts of stones, mostly diamond chips or rhinestones. These small pieces were used to draw attention to the main stone, but they were mostly used to complete the design. Needless to say, they just outlined the pieces.