Magnetic Jewelry, Anyone?

Have you heard of magnetic jewelry? Nowadays, magnetic jewelry is gaining popularity as a way of treating various health problems and conditions. Magnetic therapy uses magnet to increase circulation, blood flow, and oxygen to remedy a myriad of health conditions and problems, such as pain due to arthritis or other chronic pain conditions. Proponents of magnetic therapy also say that it helps one relax by restoring the body’s natural energy field or helping align the body’s chakras.

While there are those who claim that magnetic therapy works, it is not medically proven. Many say that it is just a placebo effect. “Placebo” is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition; placebo effect is a phenomenon that happens when someone is given a placebo but he will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition.

People may or may not believe in magnetic therapy but when I checked some magnetic jewelry from this site, I fell in love with their stylish collection of bracelets and necklaces. Whether they work or not, it would be great to have some of these as fashion accessories.

Ray Jessel, Naughty or Nice?

Catchy tune and witty lyrics. Here’s a video of Ray Jessel’s audition to the America’s Got Talent. The 84 year old participant sang his own composition entitled “What She’s Got.”

Do you like it? Is he naughty or nice?

Goodbye Robin Williams!

Robin Williams

Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014) [image credit: Eva Rinaldi Flickr

A shocking news has rocked the entertainment industry during the past 24 hours. Robin McLaurin Williams, a legendary actor, entertainer, comedian, film producer and screenwriter, has passed away due to suicide. According to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, Williams killed himself by hanging himself with a belt.

Thank you for all the joy that you shared with us through your work, Robin Williams. It is saddening to know that while you gave happiness to others, you left the world because you can’t stand the depressing sadness and loneliness.

PS. I didn’t know that Williams was the voice behind the Genie in Aladdin. It’s one of my favorite animated movies. I loved to sing the song “A Whole New World” along with my guitar which I bought from musician’s friend.

Here’s Disney’s tribute to Robin Williams via Twitter: